Beyonce Dumps Jay Z’s Dog Houses And Three Miami Beach Condos


You have to wonder what the purpose was for that tiny little studio Beyonce sold at the Green Diamond on December 12—shoes, weaves, Jay-Z when he was naughty? Whatever the case, that so-called cabana was nothing, y’all. Turns out the expectant mother unloaded 3 direct oceanfront units combined to make a total of 5,520 square feet and two cabanas in the Green Diamond. Though she paid $2.395 million back in 2002 for all three units, purchased directly from the developer, she sold ’em all for $2.9 million, according to Kevin Tomlinson, vice president of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty. The cabanas were sold to two different buyers who own condos at the Diamonds, and the condos were bought for $2.7 by Miamians Martiniano and Sofia Perez after just two months on the market, Tomlinson said. Contrary to TMZ’s reports that Beyonce paid $465,000 for a 190 square foot studio she then sold for $110,000, Beyonce cashed in bigtime, adding to her ever growing net worth. As for the reports of the Z’s purchasing another place in Miami–not so, says an inside source, not so at all.

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